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21 Days In Full Bloom

21 Days In Full Bloom

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Each year I go on a 21 day fast and I do it twice a year. I fast in January and in September/October. January obviously because it is the beginning of the year but in September I go on a fast because:

  • It is a new season. The flowers start blooming again, in some cultures is signifies a new year.
  • To prepare to finish the year strong
  • To start dreaming about next year’s plans

This year instead of doing my usual fast I am hosting a 21 Day mental and emotional fast. 2020 has served up its fair share of emotions, fears, anxieties, frustration because of delays, confusion, indecisiveness and so much more. To bloom, flourish and thrive in life we can’t be stuck in our feelings. The best things in life happen when we are celebrating life and all its goodness.


When our minds are focused and in a positive space, we identify opportunities and see solutions.

When our confidence is in a good place we take on the opportunities and crush them, because we know we can.

When our emotions are in a good place, we don’t let the little things get the best of us.

When our insecurities are in check, we don’t let it stop us from doing what we know we can.


21 Days In Full Bloom is going to be an adventure that refreshes, strengthens, encourages, motivates and sets us up for new chapters. You will receive the In Full Bloom daily Template which will help to:

  • Get rid of limiting beliefs and thoughts,
  • Develop our own affirmations
  • Celebrate what we have
  • Plan for what we want to see in our lives


In addition we will have a private Facebook page with weekly lives videos, daily focus points and quotes, as well as providing a space for the community on this journey to interact.


I will also be touching on topics such as Affirmations, Boundaries, Gratitude, Focus and more.

 A few minutes a day can change your life 

Sign up, invite a friend to join you and let’s do this


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