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How To Do The 21 Days In Full Bloom Experience

How To Do The 21 Days In Full Bloom Experience

We kick off on the first Monday of each month. Then it is 21 Days In Full Bloom Experience in full swing.

Here is how you can get ready and in the zone for the challenge:

Send a WHATSAPP with your name and the words “Bloom {with the month you are joining / 6months}” to 0784624769 to be added to a whatsapp group. This must be done by the final Friday before we start on Monday. If you want to be in a group with friends, you can create a name (or your organisation name) and mention it in the message as well, then you will be added to that specific group.


Join the Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/groups/329280358275415


Each day you will receive a Mini podcast about 15 minutes, this will focus on the topic for the day, a thought and the daily exercise. I recommend you do this in the morning to set the tone for your day.


You will also receive a daily Theme Video between 2-3minutes long, this will focus on the theme for the day. I recommend you watch that in the evening before bed to refocus your attention as you end the day.


Decide what time of day you will be doing your daily exercises, listening to the minipodcast and watching the video. (You will be required to share your commitment time with the WhatsApp Group) Setting aside a dedicated time helps you to stick to the plan.


If you have purchased the book, read the How To Use 21 Days In Full Bloom section on page 4 and Affirmations on page 8. These two sections will give you the insight to be able to kick day one off with a bang.


Remember Happiness is a choice. We can choose to only be happy when we achieve all our goals or we can choose to be happy right now, on our way to our goals.


We are not denying the current circumstances we find ourselves in. We are choosing to step back and see things clearly. We identify what needs to change and build the confidence to cast and walk in the vision for ourselves going forward.


We are choosing to stop subscribing to limiting thoughts and beliefs such as “I can never change my life”, “I don’t have what it takes/don’t deserve a better life”, “Nothing works out for me”, “I am just an angry person”, “I am just a fearful person”, “Maybe I don’t deserve love”.


What you believe about yourself, you are/become. So we want to make sure we are believing the right things about ourselves and start raising our standards. When we raise our standards, we treat ourselves better and when we do that our lives start changing.


Change is absolutely possible. Look at your own life and remember a time you made a big change. You decided you are done and never did it again. Your standards changed. You can do it. This is an exciting time.


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