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How to Move On From Where You Are

How to Move On From Where You Are

In my Monday Motivation chat with Tracey Lange on KFM, we spoke about casting vision. Why is it important? How to do it? and all the rest.

It is important that we know what we want for our lives and that we cast a vision for the future. In life, we keep moving and if we don’t know what we are moving toward we can easily end up going in circles.

There is a quote that says, “where there is no vision the people perish”. Without a vision for your life and the future one can become lifeless, frustrated, and stagnant.


When casting vision some people struggle because they think if they commit or decide on that vision it is set in stone and that is not the case. Your vision can evolve as you do. A moving boat is much easier to turn than a boat that is standing still. It is better to work toward something and evolve along the way rather than aim for nothing and never grow.

We must have dreams, goals, and visions for all the areas in our lives. Not just financially, or our careers, we need to have a vision for our health, our spiritual life, our relationships, and even our mental growth. All those areas need room to grow in order to flourish.


When you cast vision for your life do it when you are in a good headspace. You can’t do it when you are sad or angry or feeling defeated.

You must get yourself into a motivated, inspired, encouraged, hopeful space that allows you to dream, get excited, and see yourself being able to achieve it.


Write it down… Sometimes we sit and daydream about something beautiful but then we forget it. Make a record of the dream. Something you can look at and remind yourself about often. Do it in a way that you enjoy be it in your journal, do a vision board, a video clip where you’re speaking to the camera. It doesn’t matter just capture it. Have evidence of where you see yourself going and let it serve as a guide when you’re mapping out your plans.

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