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Simple Steps to High Performance

Simple Steps to High Performance

On Monday mornings I chat to Tracey Lange on KFM about motivation. This week we spoke about HIGH PERFORMANCE. Tune in at 9:40 am each week or catch these weekly emails with the replay at the bottom.

I have heard that doing a good job, gets you normal results. Doing a great job gets you good results, and doing an excellent job, gets you great results and upward. If you want to unlock good and great results then you will need to unlock great and excellent performance.

This doesn’t have to feel like hard work, it’s more of a lifestyle, attitude, and way of focusing. There are a few things one could do to unlock high performance such as managing your energy and looking after your health. I touch on a few more tips below. To unlock the life you really want, you will need to unlock higher performance.

When we perform at a higher level, we get better results

Tip 1 – Seek Clarity

You don’t have to have all the answers. You don’t have to know exactly what the future holds but you need clarity in the moment. You need to know what you need to do now and what your next step is. As you go along the next steps will start unfolding.

Start with setting some goals, if you don’t know what your goals are, you go to work just to do the job, then go home and repeat it all again the next day… you’re not going to stumble and fall into high performance by accident.

Set goals for yourself such as, for example, I’m going to do 50 sales calls today… And then push yourself because you have a target. You have something that you can and are working towards. You can aim for it, you can measure it and you can get the rewards for it.

Tip 2 – Increase the necessity

You have to raise the urgency. If we don’t feel like ‘this is something that I need to do…’ then we end up putting it off for next week or next time. We have to make it a big deal. We need to see it as important.

“People who are driven are not nonchalant. There is an urgency to get certain things done and they are serious about what they need to do”.

Tip 3 – Demonstrate Courage

Taking a leap of faith or pouring everything into something can be scary. High performance requires you to give so much of yourself but it is rewarding. If you are a high performer it doesn’t mean that you are not afraid. There will always be the temptation to fear. You still get nervous, you still get scared, you still worry… However, those things don’t stop you. You choose to step out in faith, bravery, and courage. You go out there and do your best, anyway.

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