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Two Limiting Beliefs You Must Get Rid of to Tap Into Freedom

Two Limiting Beliefs You Must Get Rid of to Tap Into Freedom

I love my weekly Monday Motivation chat with Tracey Lange on KFM. I love to share it with you to inspire, encourage and equip you with the information to help you take action to create change in your life. So on that note…

What are limiting beliefs?

They are beliefs we have that limit our confidence, actions, and lives. Many of us have these limiting beliefs whether we vocalize it or not, whether we realise it or not.

What are the two Limiting Beliefs That We Must Get Rid Of Today?

Number one – There is not enough (any thoughts and beliefs related to scarcity)

When it comes to finance, opportunity, and even community. There is more than enough. Every day people are starting businesses, making money (some people make money while they are sleeping), every day people are getting new opportunities, meeting someone new, or making a friend. There is more than enough. The key is to create new ways to bring those opportunities, people, and even money into our lives.

Go to your local grocery store and watch the number of people streaming in and out. People are spending money on electronics, devices, food, clothing, and whatever they want and need.

The world has never been smaller with so much happening online. YOU WILL MISS THE BUZZ – if you keep thinking there is too little to go around.

Number two – It is just not possible for ME (especially if you haven’t tried)

Sometimes we disqualify ourselves even before we give anyone else a chance to do so. We decide that we can’t do it and then we back it up with so many reasons why it won’t work. Such as ‘I don’t have the time, money, I don’t know where to start, I probably won’t be good at it anyway, so why bother.

Instead of allowing ourselves the space to learn, grow into it and apply/submit/go for it / try it we end up sitting on the sidelines thinking about how we wish we could have…

You will be stunned to see what you can do if you put yourself out there and give yourself space to grow. Growth isn’t a bad thing. It is actually lovely and so exciting especially when you are passionate about what you are doing.

Change it up – It will be so worth it

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