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Are You Stuck in the Change Cycle but Never Changing?

Are You Stuck in the Change Cycle but Never Changing?

Your weekly dose of motivation is here. On KFM with Tracey Lange, we spoke about the change cycle and how to break it.

When we want to see a change in our lives we all enter this change cycle. But some of us get stuck in this cycle and we never actually make the change.


Discontentment: “I’m not happy here”

Breaking Point: “I’ve had enough”

The Decision: “I’ve decided this is what I am doing”

The Fear: “Is this the right thing to do?”

The Amnesia: “What was I thinking?”

Backtracking: “I don’t think this is the right time”

We can get stuck in this cycle for years going back and forth but never breaking out. However, it is possible to break out. There are two things that break this cycle. The first thing is EXTREME PAIN and the second thing is SELF HONESTY.

For example, someone loses their job… They didn’t get to make the decision… But now because this happened and they need to survive all of a sudden they are ready to start that business they have been talking about for the last 10 years. – PAIN

Someone goes to the doctor and gets the news that they are going to die if they do not have a serious lifestyle change and all of a sudden they go for it. They really change their lives and start living healthier. – PAIN

When you say, you know what, I am out of control. I need to do something to fix my life… no softening the circumstances, no excuses. Just HONEST with YOURSELF. – Self Honesty

Don’t wait for something bad to happen before you break out of the cycle let it be your choice. Be honest with yourself and take the steps you need to progress. Remember you can get help, there are support/community groups, life coaching, mentors and so much more available to those who are ready.

Change it up – It will be so worth it

Listen to our chat by clicking below.

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