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Three Steps For Renewing Your Mind and Living Your Best Life

Three Steps For Renewing Your Mind and Living Your Best Life

By Megan Eksteen

Have you ever imagined what it might be like to thrive RIGHT NOW?

We all have our past which should serve us in the way of giving lessons and reminding us of what we have accomplished. We have our future, which gets us excited and hopeful and also helps us make plans to change what our current situation looks like, and then we have the present, which should not be overlooked as this is where we are RIGHT NOW.


In this free webinar Mindset For More, Lucia talks about wanting MORE happiness and joy, which so many of us want to strive towards but are unsure of how to get there. She shares in detail about how negativity may significantly affect the results of your future vision and gives 3 important aspects needed for success in attaining your goals in the future.


Lucia shows that negative thoughts limit your confidence and slow down the rate at which you achieve the goals you set out for your future. She shows that implementing three small changes to your daily life will change the way you think about yourself and your goals, and this will allow you to reach your goals easier in the future.


1. Gratitude is key to renewing your mindset

She demonstrates how gratitude changes your mindset and the way you view your current circumstances, which impacts how you think about your future goals.


2. Key Questions for living your best life

In order to achieve your long-term objectives, you should, according to Lucia, ask yourself a few specific questions. Additionally, she demonstrates how negative thinking influences the questions you ask yourself and how it interferes with achieving your objectives.


3. Cast Vision to reach your future goals 

The Mindset For More webinar demonstrates how dwelling on your vision helps your present self understand where you’re headed and what you’re aiming for.

Along with these 3 steps, Lucia highlights the need of having multiple systems in place. These systems will help you make continuous progress toward meeting your future goals.

There are wonderful nuggets of information to be gathered and learned in Mindset For More in order to reach your future goals and live your best life right NOW.


Who doesn’t want MORE happiness? MORE joy? MORE success? MORE money? MORE quality friendships? BETTER mental health?

These are the things to strive towards and Lucia shares ALL this valuable information in her FREE Mindset For More webinar. To further connect with Lucia, you can contact her via her website at https://luciadramat.com/

By Megan Eksteen

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