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21 Days In Full Bloom Experience 2 August




The next 21 Days In Full Bloom Challenge kicks off 2 August


21 Days In Full Bloom Experience. Please make sure you have a copy of the 21 Days In Full Bloom book.

2020 has served up its fair share of emotions, fears, anxieties, frustration because of delays, confusion, indecisiveness and so much more. To bloom, flourish and thrive in life we can’t be stuck in our feelings. The best things in life happen when we are celebrating life and all its goodness.


When our minds are focused and in a positive space, we identify opportunities and see solutions.

When our confidence is in a good place we take on the opportunities and crush them, because we know we can.

When our emotions are in a good place, we don’t let the little things get the best of us.

When our insecurities are in check, we don’t let it stop us from doing what we know we can.


21 Days In Full Bloom is going to be an adventure that refreshes, strengthens, encourages, motivates and sets us up for new chapters. You will be part of a community that will all be tapping into 21 Days of Full Bloom together, which will help you to:

  • Get rid of limiting beliefs and thoughts,
  • Develop your own affirmations
  • Celebrate what you have
  • Plan for what you want to see in your lives


The key to the experience is community. That means for 21 Days everybody needs to connect. It helps for accountability, it helps for clarity when you struggle and it encourages. It doesn’t matter if you check-in in the morning or evening but take 15 mins to do the book and 5 mins to connect on the private page with a realisation, struggle or an encouragement. We will have a private Facebook page with weekly live videos, chat room with daily focus points (as is in the book) as well as providing a space for the community on this journey to interact.

If you already have the 21 Days In Full Bloom Book then only buy the experience ticket, if you do not have the book then purchase the book and experience ticket.

I will also be discussing the topics in the book such as boundaries, limiting beliefs and happiness.

– A Few Minutes A Day Can Change Your Life –

Sign up, invite a friend to join you and let’s do this



If you would like to sign up for 3 months or more only pay R80 p/month. Payments will go off automatically for the duration you have selected. To set it up simply email booking@luciadramat.com with the subject: 21DaySubscription

Please include your name, email address and the number of months you would like to sign up for. Example: Lucia Dramat, luciad@luciadramat.com, 6months.

You will then receive a subscription payment email. Once you accept it the first payment will go off immediately and it will repeat on the same day each month for the duration of months you have approved.

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