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Power Hour

In today’s fast-paced, high-stress work environment, staff wellness is essential. It has been shown that companies that invest in employee wellness have higher levels of employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

A one-hour wellness workshop for you and your staff, hosted by three dynamic individuals at your office.

Motivation, office workouts and good vibes will get your staff moving, laughing and inspired to keep going – all in one hour. Lunch has never been this entertaining!

Allow us to visit your office, encourage and inspire your staff and boost wellness at your office.

To book or enquire simply email info@traceylange.co.za


What started out as a hobby, is now a fulltime career for this lady from the beautiful town of Somerset West. If she’s not on the radio or TV, you can see her on the covers of magazines or in the social pages. Her energy seems to be never ending and you could even bump into her hosting an event or even just walking the streets of Cape Town.

In 2018 she got the opportunity to co-host the glamorous dance extravaganza Dancing with the Stars SA. By mid-2018 Tracey had joined KFM with a new show called “Mid-mornings with Tracey” from 09:00 to 12:00 on weekdays. The show is filled with a range of good music and useful tips on lifestyle, hospitality, and travel. In just under a year, Tracey retained her spot as the number one show in the Western Cape.

An all-new female panel Afrikaans talk show called Tussen Ons knocked on Tracey’s door. The talk show was produced by Homebrew Films which aired on Thursdays on KykNet&Kie. It was filmed in front of a live studio audience with a panel of women tackling daily issues.


Oliva Losper is the proud owner of LIVFIT Studio in Paarl. She is a fitness coach, entrepreneur, and VIA TV personality.

Olivia grew up and went to school in Wellington and graduated matric in 2005 at Hugenot High School.She also graduated from CPUT in 2008 with a Sports Management ND.

Oliva decided to become an entrepreneur right after graduation at the age of 21 and have been committed to building her brand ever since. She opened up the doors to LIVFIT Studio in Paarl in 2016 after hustling and saving for 8 years. She’s happily married to Aulante Losper since 19 March 2022. I believe that “A woman should be two things: who and what she wants.” Major milestones so far would be surviving COVID-19 and being able to reopen the doors of LivFit Studio after 8 months of lockdown.

Olivia is author of 3 LivFit e-books called LivFit Cookbook, LivFit Strength, and LivFit True Beginner. Additionally, she joined the cast of Die Groot Afskud, a VIA TV (DSTV 147) weight loss
show, as the fitness and lifestyle coach. They are currently working on season 2!


Lucia Dramat is a woman on a mission. As a powerhouse motivational speaker, author, and life coach, she has helped countless individuals cultivate beneficial thinking habits, transform their mindset, and take charge of their lives. Lucia is passionate about inspiring and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Despite facing setbacks and challenges along the way, Lucia has never let anything stand in the way of her dreams.

As a regular guest on the Tracey Lange show on KFM, where she shares her insights on motivation, mindset and personal development for Monday Motivation. Lucia continues to inspire and motivate individuals across the Western Cape. Through her own personal journey and her commitment to helping others achieve their dreams, Lucia is a powerful force for positive change.

With her unwavering commitment to helping individuals achieve their goals and unlock their true potential, Lucia Dramat is an inspiration, motivating individuals across the country to live their best lives and achieve their dreams.

To book or enquire simply email info@traceylange.co.za