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Elevated: Creator Mindset




Sometimes the answers are staring you in the face but you are so focused on one way of doing it, that you can’t see any other solutions. A fresh perspective, clarity and a flow of inspiration may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

This programme is not about painting or art it is about flowing in your authentic creativity. Creativity does not only beautify but it solves problems too. Some people can’t create because they have rejected the notion that they are creative. We all have creative ability. It is our job to activate it, nurture it and allow it the room to move.

Each and every one of us has an innate ability to create. Our creativity may flow out in different ways through the arts, business, writing, music, organisation, strategies, baking, building, design, problem-solving, etc.

Your creativity needs to be awakened and activated to unleash all that it is capable of. How would your business, home, relationships and life as a whole look if your creativity was allowed the freedom to flow.

Create a life that you want by activating your creator’s Mindset.

Join Lucia Dramat on a 4-week journey to awaken and activate your creativity through this programme that requires a 10-minute time and focus investment each weekday to listen to the daily podcast coaching session.

This podcast-based programme will include biblical principles as well as coaching tools and personal life lessons from Lucia.

Lucia Dramat is a proudly South African woman of colour, motivational speaker, author and coach. She is on a mission to help driven and ambitious individuals build confidence and courage not only to start something but to endure through the middle and keep going all the way to completion. She has been featured as a guest on Tracey Lange show for Monday Motivation almost every Monday for the past two and a half years, as well as featuring on the Expresso Morning Show, Finesse Magazine and Cape Argus to name a few. She has also worked with the University of the Western Cape, Levi Strauss and Co. Transnet Property, Sanlam Women in Tech and charity organisations. Her programmes have helped professionals navigate change, leaders create more balance and those who are stuck gain clarity and perspective.


What is the time investment each week?

This programme is designed to journey with you for 4 weeks by priming you, setting you up and encouraging you to flow. Lucia does this solely through a daily podcast which is under 15mins. It will give you bite sized chunks of information, inspiration and ideas to ponder upon, work through and to prime your mind.



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2 reviews for Elevated: Creator Mindset

  1. Tameshia

    I never knew I could or would get to this point of creating. Never thought of myself as a “creator” Being on this program has had the creative juices flown inside me and it is continuing as im typing now. I know now that I get to create the life I want. Lucia has been inspiring & Motivating from the get go. She has been consistantly showing up & supporting, in the group & privately. Through her Im able to step into this creator mindset and able to apply. I can honestly say this month I have CREATED and will continue. I dont have enough THANK YOU’s Lucia ❤️

  2. Antonette

    I’ve learned so much through the creative mindset group.
    You read it and hear it but to actually get revelation on that I’m creative, It’s up to me to step out.
    It opened my mind to see myself the way God made me to be.
    Lucia’s support and realness got me through alot this month.

    Thank you so much Lucia🙏🏻❤️

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