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12 Week Group Coaching Incubator

12 Week Group Coaching Incubator

This is your moment!


Bookings Close 5 January 2022.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ENDS 15 November email booking@luciadramat.com for details

If you are ready for change but need the support and structure to create change step by step this is for you.

Live Life Above The Circumstance

Life has never been and will never be perfect and that is okay if you are in a good place. You can handle challenges, you can deal with them and progress onto the next part of the journey. Without letting it get and keep you down.

Your Life Can Be Outstanding!

You can be happy, clear on who you are and what you want and even more than that you can be confident moving forward.

Break The Beliefs That Have Held You Back

How we grow up, what we have heard and different seasons in our lives can push us into a box. Sometimes we stay in the box even though we are in a different season and that belief or behaviour is no long needed or beneficial. So it is time to break unnecessary boxes and build beneficial new beliefs and behaviours.

Discover Who You Are And What You Want

There are so many expectations of what life must look like in society, culture and the world, that force us to adopt dreams, desires and plans that are not really our own. Figure out what is really you and what is not. Discard the lies and false dreams and get clear on your true desires.

Be Clear, Fulfilled and Motivated

It is easy to lose focus when there are so many voices in life. Honing in on what you must do and where you are going allows you to quiet so much noise and actually make progress. Many people have dreams but they struggle to get stuck in and do it. Sometimes it is a lack of confidence, sometimes it is doubt and sometimes it is because they have so many ideas they don’t finish anything. We will find your stumbling blocks and create ways to battle them.

We Will Cover:

  • Discovering yourself and happiness.
  • Developing your purpose and fulfillment in life
  • Your goals and success
  • How to announce yourself
  • Focus and growth in life
  • How you see yourself and how it impacts your progress

This is going to be a life changing 12 Weeks that will see you ready to launch into your life.

Bookings Close 5 January 2022.

We start on Monday 10 January 2022.

Each week you will receive a video link to the content/topic for the week as well as a development worksheet for you to work through for your own development.

Feedback and questions can be sent in by Thursday Morning and on Thursday evenings we will have a zoom to talk about the feedback, questions and a progress check.

Cost: R750 per month for three months (international price $75 once-off) Email booking@luciadramat.com

You can pay once off R2000 on my website CLICK HERE  (international price $200 once-off)

OR you can pay R750 per month via a subscription payment that will go off automatically each month. If you want this option simply email booking@luciadramat.com with your name, email address, the subject 12WeeksSep and it will be processed. The first payment of  R750 will go off immediately and the following payments of R750 will repeat on the same day of the following two months.

Bookings Close this 5 January 2022. We start Monday 10 January 2022

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ENDS 15 November email booking@luciadramat.com for details

Limited space for this group so secure your spot asap. Email Booking@luciadramat.com for details.

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