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The Ultimate Battle We All Face!

The Ultimate Battle We All Face!

Your weekly dose of motivation is here. I was on KFM with Tracey Lange and we spoke about the ultimate battle between what you REALLY WANT and what you WANT RIGHT NOW.

Sometimes we struggle to make a change, stick to a change and prioritize what we really want, over what we feel like doing now.

It is the classic Standards/Goals over Feelings battle.

If you have tried to do anything against the grain you realise that you are not always motivated or in the mood to stick to it. A big way to combat that is being really clear on where you are going, you need to see the bigger picture clearly. If you don’t see The GOAL, THE PLAN, THE DIRECTION clearly and know that it is 100% possible, what you REALLY WANT will lose to your feelings every time. When you know where you are going it is easier to stay disciplined and having the right support makes a huge difference. That is why it is good to get the support and accountability of a life coach, club, or accountability partner.

There comes a time when staying where you are is no longer acceptable. It stops being an option. Then and only then you will keep pushing to reach your goal and when you consistently remind yourself where you are going, it starts becoming easier to stick to the plan.

Nothing wrong with relaxing and taking time out. That’s a good thing. But some people use those things as a distraction and it stops them from really going for it when it comes to their dreams. When you do that, it is a bad thing

Remember feelings come and go and the satisfaction we get from wasting our time is often short-lived. A pizza only tastes good in the moment, a series is only good for the moment but attaining your goal, that elevates the level of your life and your capacity to dream even bigger.

If people continuously break their promises to themselves the disappointment they feel when they drop themselves starts building up and slowly, little by little they stop believing in themselves. That’s not good.

Believing in yourself is vital for success and growth.

So get clear on your vision, elevate your standards to match your vision, and get support to help you see it through. So your feelings stop winning and YOU start winning.

Change it up – It will be so worth it

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