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Elevated Mindset Group M2 W2 Day 4

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  • Allison Naidoo
    5th Jul 2023

    Lucia, today I loved the podcast, you were so on point! I achieved so much in my job which I am só very grateful for, I love people and being in the managing position to manage the adults are really challenging. But also what is surfacing after I had taken over from the previous regime images me fearful and só very anxious..Everyday I am grateful for life, my husband my family, health and of course my Mom who is 86 who is also só proud of my accomplishments..I appreciate each child we are teaching because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have had a job,but the mix of adults ,there perspectives and perceptions are just challenging, but I still try to do MY best to make the life of all of us bearable…Although I am só grateful happy and blessed with my hubby, family, friends and a job that I have the workplace , responsibilities and to manage human resources are making me fearful and negative..I want to feel confident, good and valuable every single day when I show up..

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