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50 Coffees – Janine Price

50 Coffees – Janine Price

50 Coffees is a blog series that follows me, Lucia Dramat, as I interview inspirational Christian women in South Africa. In 2010 I lived in Joburg for one year. It was a life changing year for me as God showed me a different way of life. During that year I visited Rhema church and that is where I first heard Janine Price sing. She is a talented artists, anointed worshiper, wife, mother and so much more. She shares some of her life with us in the paragraphs and videos below. Enjoy it, like it, comment on it and share it.

You are fashionable, funky and fresh, how do you stay so unique and true to your own style?I think it is driven by a constant fear of not having to look old. (she laughs). I have always loved fashion. I was actually going to study fashion design and that kind of thing. I was a little bit of the weird one. When a platform came out or a certain hairstyle like shaving under cuts or whatever, I was always the first one to have it in the family. Growing up in a conservative Christian family I was the odd one out. I think there is a meme with three cats and there is one that is like crazy looking, I am that one in the family. I have always had a love for things that are different. I think from a young age I was struggling with who am I?  I realised I was a bit different but how do I express that? I think fashion is often the first way they do that. You colour your hair or put a funky jacket on or ripped jeans or whatever. It is running right through to all my kids my sons are 9 and 7 years old. They tell me ‘mom that is a cool hat’ or ‘don’t wear that with that’. I have just always had a love for fashion. I like nice things, I like looking good. It comes from my mom and my dad. They are such snappy dressers.

You are a very artistic person. You sketch, you sing and you love fashion. Are you kids the same? Is your husband also a creative person?

My husband is creative in a different way he ran the South African tourism digital marketing. Which is their online and social media, he is creative in that way. My kids are super talented. I don’t know what to do with them. I am praying for grace that God will help me to steer them in the right direction. My eldest daughter sings, I shut up when she starts singing. She plays the guitar, she is in the arts and she does drama and dance. My second daughter has represented South Africa in hip-hop dancing. She is also into drama, sings and plays the piano. My son of 9 plays the drums. Then I thought the last one will be like his dad and like computer which he does but a few months ago he asked me ‘when are you buying me that guitar mom?’ Now we have all of them.

You can literally start a family band!

We do, we have concerts at home. We have dance-offs. They have taught me how to twerk. (She laughs).  When the extended family come over there are like ten cousins around and we have fashion shows and dance-offs.

How do you stir up true worship in those challenging seasons?

I have had a tough journey with depression in my life. I never feel like I’m out of the woods with that. It is something that artists do struggle with, for me music pulls me through those times. Even when it is tough and I have nothing to pray or sing to God. I know I can sit at my piano and I can play what is in my spirit and I can express what I am feeling. Sometimes you don’t know what to say. ‘Why am I feeling like this, what is going on?’ Music is so powerful, the way it conveys all of what we are going through to God. That brings such healing. Yesterday I was listening to some final mixes for the album, I sat there and just cried because it is the journey of my healing. Every song has done something in my life. It has crafted a facet of God that made me understand in this case He is my healer or in that case He is my source. When we are busy tapping into the realness of where we are at as a person and what God says, it marries up in your music. Your situation can be so different to mine but yet the music is powerful enough to actually speak to your situation. I have always been the ‘what you see, is what you get’ kind of person. If I am not well you are going to know it and if I am well you are going to know it. It also reflects in my music. The worship side of music is learning to put all the stuff in your life aside and make a choice to stand up and worship God. That heals you. It pulls you though. You come out the other side and you are like ‘my faith’s been stirred up. I feel strong, I have perspective, I realise God is on my side so I can go another day and a few more steps. I can do it’. That is what my music means to me in my life. If I didn’t have music I would probably do it in my art, if I didn’t have art I would probably do it in some other way. There is always ways that we are busy connecting though our crafts no matter who you are. When you look at true artists that you are really drawn to and you feel like this guy is really good. There is often something in the way they live out that resounds with you and how you interpret God. That is where we draw inspiration from. That is how I do it.

What was the question, statement or fear that you needed to overcome to be where you are today?

Believing in myself, I never actually believed in myself until I turned 40. I was like ‘hang on a minute I have a voice’. I looked past the fact that I could sing and I realised it is a tool I can use. I looked back on my life and realised there is fruit there. I must be doing something right and it gave me confidence. Other people looked at me and they were like ‘yor Janine you got it together’ but on the inside I was like I don’t even know where I am at or where I must go next. The thing that kept me together was just the worship. Just staying on the stage, to keep worshiping and keep doing what I do. That gave me the confidence to go ‘ok, now I know who I am’. I am forty-four now so watch out. I am ready to take on anything that life throws at me.

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