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3 Tips to Help You Actively Choose Happiness Everyday

3 Tips to Help You Actively Choose Happiness Everyday

It all starts with a decision… If we say YES to happiness, we say no to negativity.

Tip #1

Say no to conversations that leave you drained… say no to those thoughts that keep taking you down the same path where you’re thinking about 15 years ago… 15 years ago is old, stop thinking the same old thoughts!

Tip #2

Say no to things like social media. You’re scrolling and after 15 minutes you feel so exhausted with your own life… Rather focus on something positive… Say YES to a walk in nature, say yes to some self-improvement, say yes to that yummy slice of cake to reward yourself for exercising all week, say yes to good company…

Say yes to the things that fill your bank and say no to the things that steal your joy.

Tip #3

Be patient with yourself… we’re all learning and grooving, so give yourself the space to do that.

We spend most of the time on the journey and so little time at the destination… why are you waiting to be happy at the destination? Make the journey lekker!

When you get to the destination, it’s the cherry on the cake.

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