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How to Overcome Identity Malfunction

How to Overcome Identity Malfunction

On one of our KFM Monday Motivation’s Tracey Lange and I discussed Identity Malfunction. If you allow your challenges to define your personality then you may be suffering from an Identity Malfunction.

Read on to see how NOT to let the bad things in your life completely take over your identity.

Let’s use the example of struggling to find a job. Instead of seeing yourself as smart and hard-working, you tend to focus on the fact that you’re unemployed.

The key to overcoming this limiting mindset is being aware of your thoughts. You are not your challenges, you are not the bad things that have happened to you.

Sometimes we like to adopt our problems because of the attention that comes with it.

Here’s a question to reflect on:
When you’re with your friends or family, are you the type of person who always talks about your problems?

You have to identify how you’ve been seeing yourself and then start choosing how you want to see yourself.
Start talking about yourself the way you want to see yourself.

Listen below for the full discussion with Tracey Lange

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