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Tips to Set Healthy Boundaries With Friends, Family and at Work

Tips to Set Healthy Boundaries With Friends, Family and at Work

Boundaries really define us…They say this is where I begin and this is where I end. I shared some of my techniques on how to set healthy boundaries in your life during KFM’s Monday Motivation chat with Tracey Lange.

Boundaries are like when you meet someone and you know that their yes is their yes, and their no is their no. There’s some kind of comfort in that because you know where they stand.

Although enforcing boundaries can be very difficult…it’s actually very comfortable to work with people who have boundaries.

As adults, we are all responsible for our own lives, our own happiness, and our livelihood.

Some people have no boundaries, they say yes to everything, they feel exhausted… they’re not saying yes because their heart is filled with joy…they say yes out of obligation…they think if they say no, everyone is going to hate them.

Help a friend, do good things, bless people but don’t take someone else’s responsibility that they must carry for themselves upon yourself.

So, how do you say no?
You have to decide what you want for your life. Do you want to be a happy person? Do you want the same miserable, frustrating life? Or do you want to make some tough decisions that are going to give you a better life in the end?

Listen to the full chat with Tracey Lange in the audio clip, below.

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